Hi, I'm Benjamin Digeon.

I'm a Freelance Web and Mobile developer from Lille, France.

I mainly work with Ruby and iOS but also code in a lot of other languages and frameworks.

I'm also a teacher at Le Wagon Lille, since April 2016 and a organizer at Takeoff Conf.

You can check some of my talks, learn a little more about myself, check my blog articles or just contact me.

New blog and website

• less than 1 minute read

After many years with a old Octopress blog who had only one post published Apr 27th, 2012.

I decided to redo entirely my blog and my website with Middleman.

So what’s new since 2012 in my life, a few things actualy :

  • The end of the world did not happen, but a good film was released on the subject.
  • I finished my studies.
  • I become a Freelance.
  • And i’m also a teacher at Le Wagon.

I’ll try to do more blog post this year with more technical topics.

You can check some of my work as a Freelance...


Overlapping issues with time slots in Ruby

• 2 minutes read

When i was working for a client on a Ruby on Rails application dealing with multiples time slots, i find myself with a rather complex problem.

Time Slots

To manage user schedules, the application has an object TimeSlot which represents a period of time between start_date and end_date.

class TimeSlot < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
  attr_accessible :end_date, :start_date

Simple enough right ? But the user can have several TimeSlot at the same time, and of course it can midway between...